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The first Luminessant

In addition to being followed by various stalkers, there are also two other enemies who Fiona encounters: Luminessants and Homunculi. Luminessants are the largest threat to Fiona, although they cause no actual damage to her.


Luminessants are tiny blue orbs that pursue Fiona by the scent of her Azoth. The Obsidian Choker slightly masks Fiona's Azoth, making it more difficult for Luminessants to follow her. Luminessants are a danger to Fiona when they hit her, as they evoke panic in Fiona, and cause her to cry out, and emit a sound which draws stalkers to Fiona. If Fiona is panicked enough, hitting a Luminessant can send Fiona into Panic Mode.

Luminessants fade after some time, and can be stopped if Fiona shuts the door behind her.


First encountered upon exiting the mausoleum, these creatures are alchemically made and resemble humans. There are two types of Homunculi: mumbling Human-like ones, and smaller, deformed baby-like ones. The Human-like ones pose no real threat to Fiona. If she kicks them enough times, they will strike out at her, but don't do any damage unprovoked.


A Homunculus examining art

They are found randomly smacking their heads into walls or licking their own vomit off the floor. The baby Homunculi, however, do pose a threat. They do no damage to Fiona, but they cling to her legs and shriek, alerting stalkers to her location. They can be kicked before they latch onto her, but if Fiona is immobilized, Hewie needs to knock them off.


  • Luminessants can be avoided by closing a door between them and Fiona.
  • Most Homunculi can be kicked by Fiona without repercussions, but the one at the beginning of Riccardo's area will attack Fiona back and frighten her if she kicks him too many times.
  • A shove will kill baby Homunculi in one hit, as opposed to a kick which will take two.


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