Aureolus Lorenzo Belli






Owner of Belli Castle, alchemist


Bare hands (old)
Magic (young)

Known Relatives

Riccardo (clone, son)
Ugo (clone, son)
Ayla (daughter-in-law)
Fiona (granddaughter)
Daniella (creation, servant)

Voice Actor

Enn Reitel (old) and Robin Atkin Downes (young/middle age)

Aureolus Lorenzo Belli is the master of Belli Castle who spends the majority of the game in the background. He helps Fiona by leaving her letters and a film reel.

Story (spoilers)Edit

Lorenzo is first shown in the last act of the game as an elderly man confined to a wheelchair in the House of Truth. According to the official site, he is 90.He reveals to Fiona that while his intentions seemed good, he had ulterior motives: he wanted to steer Fiona away from Riccardo so he could claim her Azoth for himself. Fiona runs from Lorenzo, and after blowing up a wall, renders him temporarily immobile. She eventually kills him on a conveyor belt for crushing rocks, but he is reborn in a younger form, and reminds Fiona of her father. A second battle begins against Young Lorenzo, and Fiona defeats him. Young Lorenzo falls backwards into the pit of lava, giving Fiona just enough time to escape the room before Lorenzo reappears as a flaming skeleton. Fiona manages to outrun him, as the House of Truth begins to shake and collapse, and Flaming Lorenzo finally succumbs to the flames.


  • Lorenzo is the creator of Riccardo, Ugo (Fiona's father), and Daniella.
  • In the cemetery, every gravestone belongs to Lorenzo.
  • If Fiona is touched by Flaming Lorenzo it is a one-hit kill
  • A quicker way to kill Young Lorenzo is by kicking the small lava stones into the pit. They create fire on the floor that damages Young Lorenzo.

Alternate ScenesEdit

  • On a second play-through of the game, after defeating Riccardo, a scene is shown where Lorenzo drains the remaining Azoth from Riccardo's body.
  • If the player finishes the game with Ending C, Old Lorenzo is shown chasing after her, begging her to stay, and falling down the stairs in his wheelchair.
  • Old and Young Lorenzo can be completely skipped with the "Lorenzo Glitch," where you lure the Luminessant in the hallway toward the dynamite. The key is having no music when you set fire to the dynamite. The cutscene where Fiona blows up the wall still happens, but Lorenzo is invisible, and gone completely when the game resumes.

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