Fiona Belli





Known Relatives

Ugo Belli (Father)
Ayla Belli (Mother)
Riccardo Belli (Uncle)
Aureolus Lorenzo Belli (Grandfather)

Voice Actor

Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy

Fiona Belli is an 18-year-old who is currently attending college. After a tragic accident involving her parents, Fiona awakens alone and scared in a strange castle that is soon to become her worst nightmare.

Story (Spoilers)Edit

Before the start of the game, Fiona was involved in a car crash with her parents while traveling through the European countryside. She wakes up in a dark castle, lying in a cage draped with nothing but a sheet. Throughout the game, Fiona tries to figure out why she brought to the castle and what its inhabitants, who violently pursue her, want from her.


Fiona is a quick thinker and a problem solver, but lacks much athletic ability. Fiona cares deeply about animals, showing disgust over Hewie's entrapment, commenting on it being "unforgivable" to tie an animal up, as well as sympathy for a husk of a bird in a birdcage, and a tiger carpet, mentioning how awful it must be for the tiger carpet to be walked on all day. Fiona is also very easily frightened, often panicking over bugs and loud noises.

Costumes (see Main Article)Edit

  • Fiona A - The default outfit you get in the game.
  • Fiona B - Similar to the Fiona A, but Fiona's hair is down and she is barefoot.
  • Under the Scalpel - A bloody patient's gown.
  • Cowgirl Outfit - A bikini with chaps and a gun, which replaces Fiona's kick. Although the gun is powerful, it is hard to control.
  • Illegal In Some States - A leather catsuit with a whip, which replaces Fiona's kick. Although it is not extremely powerful, it has a good range.
  • Fiona the Frog - This amusing outfit still allows Fiona to kick, as well as saving Fiona's stamina.

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