Cook, maid, and servant


Glass shard/fire poker



Voice Actor

Moira Quirk

Daniella is the maid at Belli Castle and the second antagonist in the game. She is also the only female stalker, and many players agree that she is the most terrifying.

Story (spoilers) Edit

Created by Aureolus Lorenzo Belli, Daniella is extremely beautiful but cannot "taste, experience pleasure or feel pain." This is due to her being a Homunculus, and has made her expression cold and ghost-like and her movements robotic. Daniella appears to be in her late twenties, but according to the official website, she is only 20. Despite her amazing beauty she cannot stand to look at her reflection. She respects and obeys only Lorenzo, her creator, prompting fury from Riccardo, as experenced in a certain cutscene. Daniella grows to envy Fiona for having Azoth and the ability to reproduce, claiming that Fiona is a "precious princess" and does not deserve the human life that she has. Daniella's inner anguish of not being human finally takes over, and she begins smashing her head against her reflection mirrored at her through a window. The window breaks, and she takes a shard of the broken glass. The shard serves as her weapon for the rest of the game, unless you encounter her in an optional cutscene where she picks up a hot poker instead. While Daniella is still alive and after you, she can be spotted in multiple places around the castle, cleaning and doing housework. She is eventually killed in the equatorial room by a giant glass shard from the ceiling impaling her.

Trivia Edit

  • The mandragora garden is Daniella's own garden, which is why she appears very quickly after Fiona plucks one.
  • She has the Caduceus symbol on the arms of her jacket.
  • Daniella's name is never spoken in the game.

Alternate ScenesEdit

  • Daniella can be triggered in the bathroom of the mansion if Fiona opens the curtains.
  • If you approach her while she's in the Jupiter room she'll wield a hot pocker rather than a shard of glass. This deals twice as much damage.
  • While getting the Lunar Refractor, a slapping sound can be heard. This is in the first plate-pressing room, where the player can watch through the keyhole as Riccardo interrogates and slaps Daniella.

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